Do I need a referral from my GP?

Osteopaths are mainstream, diagnostic primary health providers who are able to consult and treat patients with out referral from another health provider such as a GP. However, should your Osteopath feel it is necessary or appropriate they will refer you to the appropriate practitioner with a full understanding of why. Your Osteopath is part of your health care team and is always more than happy to liaise with any other members including consultants, dentist, nurses, midwifes etc.

What can I expect when I have a consultation
with an Osteopath?

At the first consultation the Osteopath will take a detailed case history. Your posture and movement will be studied, and you may be referred for other tests such as blood tests or X Rays. You will normally be required to remove some of your outer clothes so a clearer view of the body can be obtained. The Osteopath will tell you what they have found and outline how they could treat you. It is often necessary; especially of this is your first visit, to have 3 – 4 repeat visits. You may be advised on things you could do to prevent the condition returning and ergonomic advice.

What happens in an Osteopathic examination?

Osteopaths work with their hands using a wide variety of techniques. These may include soft tissue, rhythmic passive joint moblisation or high velocity thrust techniques designed to improve mobility and range of movement to the joint. Gentle release techniques are widely used, particularly when treating children or elderly patients. These techniques are designed to allow the body to return to efficient normal function.

Does Osteopathy hurt?

Your appointment is to get you out of pain not cause it! However, it is possible that you may experience some minor discomfort or aggravation of your symptoms for 36 – 48 hours following your treatment (especially if this is your first treatment). This response is quite normal as your Osteopath has often made significant changes to your body’s structure. IF the symptoms persist or you have any doubts or uncertainty about your body’s response then please contact your Osteopath.

How much do treatments cost?

The treatment cost varies. Some Osteopaths are Health Insurance Providers. When you make an appointment you should discuss the charge with the practitioner.

How can I be sure I am in safe hands?

All Osteopaths are required by law to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and must hold a current certificate issued by the GOsC. All Osteopaths must complete ongoing education and re register yearly. (CPD) Osteopaths are at all times happy for you to bring a support person into the treatment room with you. This is especially so when treating children.

What should I do if I am unhappy with my treatment?

Often problems are caused by misunderstandings and can easily be resolved by discussing your concerns with your Osteopath directly. If this does not resolve the problem or your concerns are of a more serious nature, the GOsC has a code of ethics which patients may refer to or you can discuss your problem with them directly.

How can I obtain further information?

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